A Code Pink protester holds up a red-painted hand behind Secretary of State John Kerry as he testifies on Capitol Hill on Sept. 4 about possible military strikes on Syria.

DINING Pont Street is the new restaurant of television chef Sophie Michell , best known for Cook Yourself Thin . The establishment, on the site of the short-lived Hix Belgravia, specializes in seafood. Michell is the youngest female executive chef in the U.K. Information: http://bit.ly/1eH5YwW or +44-20-3189-4850. Gymkhana, which opened this week in Mayfair, is a modern interpretation of the sports clubs created by the British in colonial India . Its an offshoot of Trishna, the Michelin-starred Indian seafood restaurant in Marylebone. Information: http://www.gymkhanalondon.com/ or +44-20-3011-5900. VISUAL ARTS He was Sudan s undersecretary for culture in the mid-1970s, then spent six months and eight days in prison without charge. Now 83, artist Ibrahim El-Salahi is the toast of Tate Modern — and the first African artist to get a retrospective there. The 100 works on show blend calligraphy and geometric motifs with Modernism and Surrealism, highlighting the many long years that El-Salahi has spent living in the West. The exhibition ends Sept. 22 at Tate Modern. Information: http://www.tate.org.uk or +44-20-7887-8888. MUSIC Pink Floyd fans will be hoping for a reunion of sorts as Roger Waters plays The Wall at Wembley Stadium Saturday. His former band mates David Gilmour and Nick Mason have joined on previous London dates.

Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. 2 To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs Pink Cadillacs salute beauty giant’s birthday Chris Woodyard, USA TODAY 2:03 p.m. EDT September 14, 2013 All the pink Cadillacs are lined up for the Mary Kay 50th Finale Photo by Steve Foxall The 50th year is marked in pink Cadillacs for Mary Kay, the big cosmetics provider Courtesy of Mary Kay Associates gather in front of their pink Cadillacs Courtesy of Mary Kay One of the Cadillacs gets long eyelashes Courtesy of Mary Kay Lining up Cadillacs at the Mary Kay 50th Finale Photo by Steve Foxall A personalized plate on a Caddy at Mary Kay 50th Finale Photo by Steve Foxall A Mary Kay Cadillac lined up at the 50th Finale Photos by Steve Foxall Like this topic? You may also like these photo galleries: Replay About 100 pink Cadillacs mark the 50th anniversary of Mary Kay, the big cosmetics giant (Photo: Courtesy of Mary Kay) Tags SHARE 170 CONNECT 11 TWEET 2 COMMENTEMAILMORE One pink Cadillac makes for quite a sight in just about any city in America. But 100? Mary Kay, the big direct-selling beauty products maker, organized the giant meetup of pink Cadillacs owned by its associates. The occasion was the company’s 50th anniversary. They came to the rally in Dallas where, among other things, they arranged them for a group photo. A couple, actually. One shows them all perfectly aligned on a street and other parked so they spell a giant “50” from the air. They rally took place in the Dallas Arts District, where they parked in front of the AT&T Performing Arts Center, then caravanned with to the Mary Kay global headquarters in Addison. Pretty in pink? You bet. Find New & Used Cars

Switzerland Prisons Paint Cells Pink, Anger Prisoners

The choice of color for the wall decoration comes after an analysis of how colors affect aggressive behavior. The project is called Cool Down Pink and it is an experiment that uses colors and human emotions. Thirty cells have been painted pink , in a traditionally feminine color, according to the Telegraph. Experts say that there are positive effects to color therapy. Anger levels can reduce in as little as 15 minutes, though we usually confine a convict to a pink cell for two hours, psychologist Daniela Spath describes the pink prison therapy for the Mirror. Police in the town of Bienne also used the tint to calm down detainees. They have four rooms painted in the therapeutic color, and they use them to lock up drunk suspects. It really seems to work. They quieten down and go to sleep much more quickly in a pink room, a Bienne police spokesman says. Where prisons are concerned, inmates don’t seem to take to the idea. They feel emasculated and lose credibility among other prisoners when they are stuck in the pink rooms. Many inmates are not happy with this treatment. They say it is humiliating to be confined to a room painted like a little girl’s bedroom, comments Peter Zimmerman, who is working towards reforms in the Swiss prison system. In Iowa, pink is used in the Kinnick Stadium visitors’ locker area. Coach Hayden Fry made the choice himself to have his opponents become more passive and easy to beat.

Pink Cadillacs salute beauty giant’s birthday

All the pink Cadillacs are lined up for the Mary Kay 50th Finale

“And if that means we’ve gotta sleep out the night before, we do it,” she says. “And if it means we’ve got to be there at 6 in the morning before the doors open at 7, we do it.” She says her days typically start before dawn and last until late at night, all in the service of getting her message out about Syria or drones or Guantanamo. Perhaps her highest profile disruption was in May, as President Obama spoke at the National Defense University. “Can you take the drones out of the hands of the CIA?” she yelled, breaking into the president’s speech. “Can you stop the signature strikes that are killing people on the basis of suspicious activities?” Remarkably, Benjamin was able to interrupt the president more than once, ultimately prompting a response. “The voice of that woman is worth paying attention to,” Obama told the audience. “I was very afraid when I did that” Even though she has snuck into countless speeches, fundraisers on other events where she wasn’t welcome, Benjamin still finds the situations scary. “I was very afraid when I did that” at the National Defense University, Benjamin says. “It’s still a terrifying thing to be in a room full of people who are not going to like what you do. It’s terrifying to see these big security people who you know are going to be picking you up and hauling you off, and you’re thinking, ‘Uh-oh, am I going to get hurt?’ And then you wonder if it’s the right thing to do.” Michael Heaney, political science professor at the University of Michigan, says by now, people ought to recognize her. “I don’t know how she gets away with it. I really have no idea,” he says. “I don’t know why she isn’t banned from every place in Washington, D.C., but she still she knows how to get in.” “Sometimes I feel I’m invisible,” Benjamin says.

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