We Are Young is a disposable ditty about getting drunk and looking for a hook-up at closing time. Fun.s hollow reading of Born to Run hampered by weak guitar playing and a rote sax solo made it all the more clear they should stick to lighter fare. When they did, the show was perfectly fun. Frontman Nate Ruess put on a convincing spectacle, hopping in place like a kid in a bounce house, making snow angels on a stage full of white confetti, and glaring into the crowd like a dinner-theater actor doing Hamlet. He packed his singing voice with melodrama, too, and demanded that fans sing with equal gusto. This better be loud! he commanded. Flanked by his fellow fun. mates Jack Antonoff and Andrew Dost, a tuxedo-clad Ruess started the show with a lovely cabaret version of Some Nights and reprised it later as a rousing folk singalong that has become fun.s trademark. Carry On, the third big hit from the groups Some Nights album, sounded tailor-made for Irish pubs, soccer stadiums and 20,000-seat amphitheaters like Gexa Energy Pavilion. Yet the energy waned as soon as the singalongs ended and the band had to play such lesser tunes as the sentimental ballad The Gambler and the ersatz-Caribbean At Least Im Not as Sad (As I Used to Be). Its hard to fault a band for dreaming big Were gonna make this the best show of the summer! Ruess screamed but at this early point in its career, fun. might be better off aiming lower.

The 31-year-old singer canceled a concert in Dublin, Ireland, Thursday after taking to Twitter to lament an intense coughing fit. “Never thought I’d see the ER in Dublin,” she wrote on the social networking site. “I have coughed myself into pain. The spasm is intense. Being human sucks sometimes.” And though the “Blue” singer is definitely human, her rep assures omg! she’ll be back in singing shape in no time. “LeAnn is currently on vocal rest in her hotel room under a doctor and vocal specialist’s care due to a resurgence of a viral infection that she has been struggling with the past two weeks,” says the rep. However, she won’t be wanting for a way to communicate. Rimes also tweeted a photograph of the dry erase board her hotel provided, saying, “I was thinking smaller but that’ll wrk lol.” Rimes, who is married to actor Eddie Cibrian, has been touring Europe and was scheduled to perform at Dublin’s Vicar Street performing arts center. “Thank you to all my fantastic, understanding, loving fans here in Ireland,” she wrote, adding, “I didn’t get to sing or talk to you, but I got to give you all a hug.” Here’s hoping she feels 100% again soon! More Celebrity Features on Yahoo!:

Cuban musician sings about free information, direct elections in bold concert performance

Interests Section behind the stage and exclaimed, Free the Five Heroes! When I heard the first line, I thought, Did I hear that right? said Diego Ferran, a 68-year-old retiree who watched the performance on TV. I was surprised that that was being shown on television … I was very pleased that he would do that, and in that place right in front of the Interests Section, Ferran said. Hes very right in everything he said. A woman who answered the phone at Carcasses home Friday said he was away, and calls to his cellphone did not go through. His lyrics alluded to authorities control over many aspects of society. The state and Communist Party operate nearly all island media, and Internet access rates are very low, if creeping upward. The Communist Party is the only one allowed in Cuba, although membership is not a requirement to run in elections. The president is selected not by direct popular vote, but by parliament, which in turn is elected on a ballot with just one approved candidate for each seat. Cuba defends its political system as more participatory and democratic than most others. Other prominent musicians have tested the boundaries of acceptable speech. Legendary crooner Pablo Milanes has given interviews in which he criticized counter-protests that are quietly encouraged targeting anti-government groups such as the Ladies in White. Singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez has also suggested that dissidents freedom of expression should be respected, even if their opinions arent shared. Groups such as rappers Los Aldeanos pull no punches in criticizing the government, but unlike Carcasses, they are outside the islands music establishment and dont appear at official venues. In 2008 punk rocker Gorki Aguila, known for raunchy lyrics targeting Fidel Castro, was convicted of public disorder and fined, although prosecutors dropped a social dangerousness charge that could have resulted in a long prison sentence. Carcasses lyrics were perhaps most remarkable for where they were delivered.