The reduced price is welcome in Europe, but the iPhone 5C price still fails to impress in China. By Karis Hustad ,Contributor / September 12, 2013 Journalists watch a screen showing the new iPhone 5C in different colors at the Apple (AAPL) announcement event in Beijing, Sept. 11, 2013. Jason Lee/REUTERS Enlarge The iPhone 5C was rumored to be Apple s entrance into the emerging (and quickly growing ) smart-phone market abroad. Specifically, many speculated that the C could stand for China , as the country has one of the largest untapped markets for iPhones in the world, where Apple ranks seventh among smart-phone sellers, according to Canalys . The Christian Science Monitor Weekly Digital Edition After Apples iPhone 5C reveal on Tuesday, however, the price and features may hold greater appeal to another audience. Europeans will get both a price cut and a much-needed new feature that could boost sales and pull customers away from Samsung , the current king of European smart phones. And while China got a price cut, the total cost and a lingering question of market access will likely mean Apple won’t be storming the Chinese market. The price for the iPhone 5C is significantly less than the iPhone 5 across the board in European countries. In Britain, the iPhone 5C 16GB will retail for 469 ($789), 80 less than the iPhone 5 16GB models as well as the Samsung Galaxy 4S, without contract. In France and Germany , the 5C will cost 599 ($797) without contract, an 80 euro difference from the iPhone 5, which retails for 679 ($904). Since many carriers in Europe dont offer phone subsidies, bringing the un-contracted price down could put the iPhone in the range of more customers. RECOMMENDED: 40 iPhone tips and tricks everyone should know In addition, the iPhone 5C is compatible on the high speed, 4G networks of several European carriers, a feature not seen on any previous iPhone. This brings the Apple brand up to (literal) speed with more regions in Europe than ever before .