Thats an enviable challenge. Its part of the fun of making the show finding new ways to tell these stories. Is there any place in the upcoming series that surprised you? That really showed you something new? Ive been to Tokyo many times, but its such a bottomless, bottomless source of interesting things to look at, new perspectives. Its just such a multi-layered, multi-textured place. Ive described the experience of going to Tokyo as a hallucinatory experience, in both the good and bad sense of that word. And I think this latest Tokyo show was surprising to me. It was shocking to me. And I think it will be both those things to viewers. Did you ever consider another career? No, I was a happy dishwasher. Dishwashing saved my life. I fell into the restaurant business. I was a messed up, undisciplined kid. The restaurant business supplied really the only structure and order in my life, and was the only sort of system that I respected. Everything important I learned in my life, I learned in the restaurant business.

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